Services - QUINEL AG

QUINEL offers services and problem solutions for electrical and electronic apparatuses as well as electrical and electromechanical components. We offer consulting, tests and failure analyses and we solve problems in the fields of electronics, environmental simulation, electromagnetic conformity (EMC), and product safety, also for medical products and for equipment for explosive atmospheres. QUINEL is a accredited calibration lab for electrical quantities, temperature and speed of rotation. Therefore we are able to calibrate your measuring equipment according to ISO 9001. QUINEL is an accredited inspection body in the field of gaming technology according IEC17020 ( The Swiss Federal Gaming Board ( has placed QUINEL on the list of certification institutes for the casino industry. In the European Union, QUINEL is a conformity assessment body for electrical equipment, low voltage, and EMC.


  • EMC
  • Environmental simulation tests
  • Product safety
  • ATEX
  • Components
  • Gaming Technology

Failure Analyses

  • Raster electron microscopy with EDS
  • Thermal analysis TGA/DSC
  • Infrared spectroscopy / microscopy FTIR
  • Powder x-ray diffraction P-XRD


  • Electrical quantities
  • Temperature
  • Speed of rotation