Failure Analyses - QUINEL AG

We have a lab for solid state analytic and raster electron microscopy and are able to make expert’s reports, analytic examinations and failure analyses. QUINEL is able to identify changes and impurities in the chemical composition of solids, liquids, vapors and gases.

The combination of the modern equipment and the expertise of our specialists, in electronics as well as in chemical analytics, guarantees quick and authoritative answers to your questions in these fields.


  • Raster electron microscopy with EDS
  • Thermal analysis TGA/DSC
  • Infrared spectroscopy / -microscopy FTIR
  • Powder x-ray diffraction P-XRD
  • Dropping point of plastics and lubricants

Range of application

  • Identification of impurities
    e.g. on electrical contacts, in lubricants etc.
  • Changes in the chemical structure
    e.g. plastics, adhesives, lubricants etc.

In cooperation with:
EMOTT AG, Gockhausen